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[AWOG] ZM PvE #2 NukeTown [Gun Game|Fixed Perks|IW4mAdmin] awog.at/discord last server played
66 day(s) ago
> np but i gtg so ill hopefully see u guys later
> i got trapped from the train from Ghost and a hit when rezzing Kobra
> wow u had a lot following u XD
> i usally wait till olympia
> i need my headphones i usally aint this bad
> rip
> double swipe whatever u want to call it
> thats the one thing i dont like about bo2 zombies is windmill
> okay wndmill
> i usaly wait for the olympia to start opening doors
> btw i dont have my headphones on cause there charging XD
> its better when u start with someone else
> thats okay
> rip
> just leave me
> yeah
> rip
> hi
68 day(s) ago
> base game
> same
> i thought u said where XD
> idk
> srry cant move any
> i just got 1 hit
> lets goooo
> oh no
> same
> dang
> i dont know how i survived that revive XD
> XD